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Hi! I'm Fatima.

Nicknamed Baba by my niece many moons ago and known as Baba ever since. I am and have always been the creative sort, able to make fun costumes, gadgets and trinkets from a shoestring, a paperclip and some gum---thanks MacGuyver

Born and raised in wonderful New York City, with a background in General Contracting, lover of all things DIY and design, and a tremendous love of real food (keep that processed junk away from me!)

Baba Organic Soap


Most importantly, I'm a stay-at-home-mom of three amazing children. They continuously make me laugh out loud and at times can make me lose my patience but they brighten and enrich my life so much. Each one has such a unique personality, it's pretty amazing to see how similar and yet how utterly different they can be from each other. They take after me some; they have all inherited my temper (which could also be interpreted as passion for life....), full head of hair, big eyes, thick lashes and unfortunately cases of severe eczema.

As anyone with children with eczema can vouch, it is never pleasant to see your children in pain and discomfort. Many rounds of prescription creams did very little and the winters were especially brutal for them. I was literally desperate to find them some relief from their skin conditions, so I started doing my own research, reading countless labels and ultimately decided to turn to nature for the answer.

First, I implemented a healthier diet and a larger water intake regiment. I could tell I was on the right track (our skin is our largest organ after all) so it makes sense that what you put in to your body reflects how it will look on the outside. Taking a closer look at labels on soaps and researching all the chemicals and preservatives that are in them left me astounded. How could all those chemicals possibly be good for you? I decided right then and there I would make my own personal care products. It took a few tries but thankfully I was able to combine the right blends of organic oils for the perfect recipe. After exclusively using my handmade soaps, our skin healed tremendously. Our skin looked and felt moisturized, there was no tightness or dryness-I had never experienced this before with any other products (and believe me, I tried A LOT.)

I have used it on the baby since she was 6 months old with happy results. I've given out samples to everyone I could because I was so happy with my product and have received rave reviews from all and even had requests to make more so they could purchase them from me. Just like that, Made By Baba was born. I plan on adding different items besides soap bars in the near future.